Package com.adobe.livecycle.signatures.client.types

Provides classes that are used when performing various Signatures service operations.


Class Summary
CertificateInformation Provides information about a given certificate.
CertificatePath Represents a certificate path and information about the path's validation status and the failure reason in case the path is not valid.
CertificateSeedValueOptionSpec Represents a certificate seed value dictionary.
Credential Represents a credential that is required to sign or certify a PDF document.
CRLOptionSpec Stores certificate revocation list (CRL) preference information.
FieldMDPAction An enumeration specifying the type of FieldMDP action associated with the FieldMDP dictionary of a given signature field.
FieldMDPOptionSpec The options that are set for the signature field lock dictionary associated with a given signature field.
IdentityDetails Represents the identity details that were extracted from the certificate.
IdentityInformation Represents basic validation information of a specific identity certificate containing the path validation and its status.
IdentityStatus Represents the identify status of the signer.
MDPPermissions Represents the permissions that can be performed on a PDF document without invalidating the signature.
OCSPOptionSpec Stores preferences for online certificate status protocol (OCSP) support.
PathValidationOptionSpec Controls RFC3280 related path validation options.
PDFDocumentVerificationInfo Represents the validation information of all signatures located in a PDF document and its overall status.
PDFDocumentVerificationStatus An enumeration value that specifies the verification status of a signed document.
PDFFilterType Specifies supported filters that are used when validating a signature.
PDFLegalWarnings Represents legal warnings located within the PDF document.
PDFSeedValueOptionSpec Represents the seed value dictionary that is associated with a signature field.
PDFSignature The PDFSignature class contains information about the filter and subfilters that are used for validating the signature embedded in a signed or certified PDF document.
PDFSignatureAppearanceOptionSpec Controls the appearance of the signature used to sign a PDF document.
PDFSignatureAppearanceType This class controls the appearance of a signature that is used to sign a PDF document.
PDFSignatureField Provides information about signature fields located within a PDF document.
PDFSignatureFieldProperties This class provides information about PDFSeedValueOptionSpec and FieldMDPOptionSpec objects of the signature field located within a PDF document.
PDFSignaturePermissions Represents actions that can be performed without invalidating the signature.
PDFSignatureStatus Deprecated.
PDFSignatureType Represents the type of signature field.
PDFSignatureVerificationInfo Contains the validity content of a signed or certified signature field.
PDFSignatureVerificationResult Deprecated.
PDFSubFilterType This class represents supported sub-filters.
PDFTimeStampSeed Represents time-stamping options that can be set when modifying a signature field using the SignatureServiceClient object's modifySignatureField method.
PKIOptions Represents PKI options that can be set when validating digital signatures.
PositionRectangle Represents the position of a signature field located within a PDF document.
RevocationInformation Contains information about revoked certificates.
SignatureProperties Represents basic signature properties associated with a signed or certified PDF signature field.
SignatureStatus Represents the various status values associated with a signature.
SignatureType Represents the type of signature used to secure a document.
SignerCertificatePath Deprecated.
TextDirection The TextDirection class represents the direction of text within a signature.
Timestamp Contains the timestamp related information.
TransportOptionSpec The TransportOptionSpec class specifies communication options that are required to interact with external servers.
TSPOptionSpec Stores preference values for time stamping provider (TSP) support.
VerificationTime Enumeration values for various verification time settings.
VerifySPIOptions Represents the data used to invoke the SPI for validation.
XMLSignatureVerificationResult Provides information about a signature that is used to sign a PDF document.

Package com.adobe.livecycle.signatures.client.types Description

Provides classes that are used when performing various Signatures service operations.

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