Class PDFPropertiesOptionSpec

  extended by com.adobe.external.pdfutil.client.PDFPropertiesRequest
      extended by com.adobe.livecycle.pdfutility.client.PDFPropertiesOptionSpec
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public class PDFPropertiesOptionSpec
extends com.adobe.external.pdfutil.client.PDFPropertiesRequest

Enables the creation of a Java object that enables you to query information that is required for a PDF document. After you query the information using this object, you can check the results by using a PDFPropertiesResponse object. For example, to create a PostScript file from a PDF document, determine whether the PDF document is a PDFDocument or an XFADocument property. If the document returns true for isPDFDocument, then it can be sent to the ConvertPDF service. If the queried document returns true for isXFADocument, it can be sent to the Output service.

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public PDFPropertiesOptionSpec()

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