Class PDFAConformance

  extended by java.lang.Enum
      extended by com.adobe.livecycle.output.client.PDFAConformance
All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Comparable

public final class PDFAConformance
extends java.lang.Enum

PDF/A conformance level as specified in the PDF/A-1 ISO specification. The conformance level refers to how a PDF document adheres to requirements that specify how long-term electronic documents are preserved. For information about level A and B conformance, see the PDF/A-1 ISO specification that is titled ISO 19005-1 Document management.

To see this enumeration value used in a code example, see the Creating a PDF/A document using the Java API quick start in Programming with LiveCycle ES4.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static PDFAConformance A
          Level A conformance.
static PDFAConformance B
          Level B conformance.
Method Summary
static PDFAConformance valueOf(java.lang.String name)
static PDFAConformance[] values()
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Field Detail


public static final PDFAConformance A
Level A conformance.


public static final PDFAConformance B
Level B conformance.

Method Detail


public static PDFAConformance[] values()


public static PDFAConformance valueOf(java.lang.String name)

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