Sanitizing PDF Documents

You can use the PDF Utilities Java APIs to programmatically convert PDF documents into XDP documents.

Note: For more information about the PDF Utilities service, see Services Reference for LiveCycle.

Summary of steps

To sanitize PDF document, perform the following steps:

  1. Include project files.

  2. Create a PDFUtilityService client.

  3. Invoke the sanitization operation.

Include project files

Include necessary files into your development project. To create a client application using Java, include the necessary JAR files.

Create a PDFUtilityService client

Before you can programmatically perform a sanitization operation, you must create a PDFUtilityService client. With the Java API, this is accomplished by creating a PDFUtilityServiceClient object.

Invoke the PDF to XDP conversion operation

After you create the service client, you can invoke the sanitization operation.

Sanitize PDF documents using the Java API

Sanitize documents by using the PDF Utilities API (Java):

  1. Include project files

    Include client JAR files, such as the adobe-pdfutility-client.jar, in your Java project’s class path.

  2. Create a PDFUtilityService client

    Create a PDFUtilityServiceClient object by using its constructor and passing a ServiceClientFactory object that contains connection properties.

  3. Invoke the PDF to XDP conversion operation

    To perform the conversion, invoke the PDFUtilityServiceClient object’s convertPDFtoXDP method and pass in a com.adobe.idp.Document object that represents the PDF file. The method returns a com.adobe.idp.Document object that represents the newly created XDP file.

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