Creating a document based on a file

The following code example creates a com.adobe.idp.Document object that is based on a PDF file named map.pdf. This file is located in the root of the C hard drive. This constructor attempts to set the MIME content type of the com.adobe.idp.Document object using the filename extension.

The com.adobe.idp.Document constructor that accepts a object also accepts a Boolean parameter. By setting this parameter to true, the com.adobe.idp.Document object deletes the file. This action means that you do not have to remove the file after passing it to the com.adobe.idp.Document constructor.

Setting this parameter to false means that you retain ownership of this file. Setting this parameter to true is more efficient. The reason is because the com.adobe.idp.Document object can move the file directly to the local managed area instead of copying it (which is slower).

Creating a Document object that is based on a PDF file

//Create a Document object based on the map.pdf source file 
File mySourceMap = new File("C:\\map.pdf"); 
Document myPDFDocument = new Document(mySourceMap,true);

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