Working with LiveCycle Repository

About the Repository Service

The Repository service provides resource storage and management services to LiveCycle. When developers create a LiveCycle application, they can deploy the assets in the repository instead of the file system. The assets can include any type of collateral, including XML forms, PDF forms (including Acrobat forms), form fragments, images, profiles, policies, SWF files, DDX files, XML schemas, WSDL files, and test data.

For example, consider the following LiveCycle application named Applications/FormsApplication:

Notice that there is a file named Loan.xdp located in the FormsFolder. To access this form design, you specify the complete path (including version): Applications/FormsApplication/1.0/FormsFolder/Loan.xdp.

Note: For information about creating a LiveCycle application using Workbench, see LiveCycle Workbench 11 Help.

The path to a resource located in the LiveCycle repository is:


The following values show some examples of URI values:

  • Applications/AppraisalReport/1.0/Forms/FullForm.xdp

  • Applications/AnotherApp/1.1/Assets/picture.jpg

  • Applications/SomeApp/2.0/Resources/Data/XSDs/MyData.xsd

You can browse the LiveCycle Repository by using a web browser. To browse the repository, enter the following URL into a web browser http://[server name]:[server port]/repository. You can verify quick start results that are associated with the Working with LiveCycle Repository section by using a web browser. For example, if you add content to the LiveCycle Repository, you can see the content in a web browser. (See Quick Start (EJB mode): Writing a resource using the Java API.)

The repository API provides a number of operations that you can use to store and retrieve information from the repository. For example, you can obtain a list of resources or retrieve specific resources that are stored in the repository when a resource is needed as part of processing an application.

Note: The repository API cannot be used to interact with Content Services (deprecated). To interact with Content Services (deprecated), you use the Document Management API. (See Performing Document Management Operations Using APIs (Deprecated))

Using the Repository service API, you can accomplish the following tasks:

Note: Using the repository API, you cannot manage resource access control, search for resources, or specify resource relationships by using an ECM repository.
Important: When an encrypted PDF is written to the repository, the automated relationship extraction feature cannot be used. Otherwise, an encrypted PDF can be stored in the repository and later retrieved. The retriever can choose to decrypt the PDF after it is retrieved from the repository.
Note: For more information about the Repository service, see Services Reference for LiveCycle.

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