Evaluates the specified reference syntax expression, beginning with the current XML form object model object, and returns the value of the object specified in the reference syntax expression.

The search for an object starts at a different point in the form hierarchy, depending on how the resolveNode property was accessed:

  • this.resolveNode() The search starts from the current object and moves up the form hierarchy.

  • xfa.resolveNode() The search starts at the top of the form hierarchy and moves down.

    Note: The search could return unexpected results if the form contains several objects that use the same name. It returns the value of the first object that it finds.


Reference_Syntax.resolveNode( STRING param )



A valid string representing a reference syntax expression that evaluates to a specific XML form object model object.


A single object corresponding to the reference syntax expression, if it exists. If no such object exists, this method returns null.

Applies to

tree class class


XFA 2.1



xfa.resolveNode("#subform").x = "2in"; 
TextField1.resolveNode("ui.#textEdit").border.edge.stroke = "lowered";

// Ethnio survey code removed