Common mistakes

  • Not specifying preview data.

  • Forgetting that the data entered in the Preview PDF tab is not the form data. When you save the form as a PDF form and open it in Acrobat or Adobe Reader, the data is not displayed.

  • Previewing the form as a static Static PDF Form instead of a Dynamic XML Form.

  • Forgetting to allow content to break between pages.

  • Placing a flowed subform inside a positioned subform.

  • Do not know how to set a subform to repeat. The repeat option is disabled when the parent container uses positioned layout.

  • Resizing or moving the contents of containers with flowed contents.

  • Unnecessary nesting of subforms, especially subforms that have one child container.

  • Removing subform instances from Document Object Model (DOM) instead of hiding the subform.

  • Not using the Report palette or the JavaScript Debugger in Acrobat (Ctrl+J) to view scripting errors.

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