Creating the form design with the translated text

After you receive the translated XLIFF file, enter the following string at the command prompt to create the translated form design:

java -jar saxon8.jar MyForm.s2x mergestrings.xslt xdpFile=MyForm.xdp > MyFormTranslated.xdp

MyForm.s2x is the translated XLIFF file, MyForm.xdp is the name of original form design, and MyFormTranslated.xdp is the translated form design.

The result is a master form design (MyForm.xdp) and a translated form design (MyFormTranslated.xdp) that you can make available to users.

If you must change the form design, edit the master form design and then repeat the steps above to produce a new XLIFF file.

We provide the example mergestrings.xslt style sheet, which creates a new version of the form design in the new language.

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