Editing and embedding fragments

You can edit a fragment by selecting the fragment in the Fragment Library palette or by selecting the fragment reference in any form.

When you select the edit option, the fragment source file opens in Designer and the fragment is selected.

Note: You can also open and edit a fragment source file the same way you edit any other XDP file.

You can rename the fragment or modify the form objects in the fragment. When you save the fragment source file, your changes are immediately reflected in all open forms that reference the fragment. You do not need to reload the forms to see the changes.

Note: Renaming the fragment subform in the Hierarchy palette in the referenced XDP file breaks all references to that fragment. You can change the fragment metadata name in the Fragment Information dialog box or in the Object palette.

When you edit a fragment, all forms that reference the fragment reflect the changes when you save the form in Designer. If you update a referenced fragment after you save a PDF form, the old fragment is still visible when you view the PDF form in Acrobat. To update the fragment that is visible in the PDF form, resave the PDF form in Designer

To edit a fragment from the Fragment Library palette

  1. Open the fragment library and select the fragment.

  2. In the fragment library panel menu, select Edit Fragment. The fragment source file opens.

  3. Edit the file as required.

  4. Save the fragment source file.

To edit a fragment from a fragment reference

  1. Do one of the following actions:

    • Double-click the fragment reference.

    • Select Edit > Fragments > Edit Fragment.

    The fragment source file opens.

  2. Edit the file as required.

  3. Save the fragment source file.

To view fragment information

You can view the fragment information that was added when the fragment was created. The fragment information includes the fragment name, a description, and the location of the fragment source file.

The same information is displayed for fragments and fragment references. When you select a fragment, you can view or edit the information, but when you select a fragment reference, you can only view the information.

  1. View the fragment information:

    • To view the fragment information for a fragment reference, select the fragment reference.

    • To view the fragment information for a fragment, open the fragment for editing.

  2. Select Edit > Fragments > Fragment Info.

To convert a fragment reference to an embedded object

When you convert a fragment reference, it becomes an embedded copy of the fragment, and the fragment metadata is removed. The embedded object does not retain any relationship to the fragment source file. The fragment source file is unchanged and you can still reference it in your forms.

Converting a fragment reference is useful when you no longer need to reference the fragment but do not want to remove the objects from a form design. For example, you can convert a fragment reference if you want to create a new fragment based on an existing fragment.

If the referenced fragment contains one or more fragment references, you can either embed only the selected fragment reference or embed the selected fragment and the nested fragment references.

  1. Select the fragment reference to embed.

  2. Select Edit > Fragments > Convert To Embedded Object.

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