Set field generation options

You can specify the following options that will be applied when generating a field or group of fields:

  • Generate validation scripts for new fields. The validation scripts generated are JavaScript scripts on the field. For example, a validation script can check that a field value is one from the allowed list.

  • Generate descriptive information.

  • Allow tables to be generated. Some data from a data source could be shown in a table. When you connect to a data source, the Data View palette identifies any items that could be tables. Designer also shows which items will become rows in the table if it finds a repeating data group.

  1. From the Data View palette menu, select Options.

  2. Deselect one of these options:

    • Generate Validation Scripts to disable generation of the validation scripts.

    • Generate Descriptive Information to disable description information.

    • Allow Tables To Be Generated

  3. Click OK.

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