Objects that support scripting and calculations

Objects that accept data can be associated with FormCalc or JavaScript expressions. For example, you can use scripts to calculate a value or validate user-entered data. In most cases, the validity of data is controlled through the attributes of the object. In the case of objects that require complex input (edit) patterns, the validity is controlled through pattern settings in the Value tab of the Object palette.

Some objects can be used to initiate client requests. For example, you can set up a button to query a data source at run time. In this case, you must also write a script to return the requested data value to a specific field in the form.

You can write scripts to execute commands, functions, or calculations when any of an object's events occur at run time. An event will initiate at run time when the user performs the action that the event specifies. You can call any of an object's supported methods and examine or set properties by defining a script.

Some objects, such as circles and content areas, do not support events. The objects that support scripting and calculations or that initiate events include barcodes, buttons, check boxes, date/time fields, drop-down lists, flash fields, image fields, list boxes, numeric fields, password fields, radio buttons, signature fields, subforms, and text fields. The supported events are object-specific and vary from one object to the next.

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