To set up an object for Thai and Vietnamese

To set up an object for Thai and Vietnamese, you must do the following steps:

  • Set the locale to Thai or Vietnamese.

  • Set the font to one that the language supports.

    Note: The options described in this Help topic are available only if support for the appropriate language is enabled through Microsoft Office Language Settings.
    1. Add the object.

      For example, from the Object Library palette, drag the Drop-Down List object onto the form design.

    2. In the Object palette, click the Field tab.

    3. From the Locale box, select a language and country or region option.

      For example, select Thai (Thailand Traditional).

    4. Select the object.

    5. In the Font palette, select the font that supports the locale you selected.

      For example, Adobe Thai supports Thai and Myriad® Pro and Minion® Pro support Vietnamese. You can locate the font you need for your language on the Internet if it is not already on your system.

    6. View the object in the Preview PDF tab to ensure that it appears properly.

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