General (Style Editor dialog box)

Use this dialog to edit the styles in the internal style sheet panel.

To display this dialog box, right click a style in the Internal style sheet panel, select Edit Style, and then select General from the list on the left. The General panel is displayed by default.

Style Name
Name of the style. Provide a unique name for each style within a single style sheet. The style name cannot contain spaces.
Note: You can override the individual formatting options for a style by using the different library palettes. When you override a formatting option, an asterisk appears next to the option and next to style name in the style toolbar.

Lists the available object types you can use for the style.

The rest of the options on the General panel change depending on the object type you select. The options that are available on the General panel for a particular object type correspond to the options that are available on the Field tab in the Object palette. See Properties in the Object palette.

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