Border (Style Editor dialog box)

Use this dialog to format border properties. To display this dialog box, right click a style in the Internal style sheet panel, select Edit Style, and select Borders from the list on the left.
Inherit Properties From
Specifies the style from which to inherit formatting properties. Lists the available styles for the same object type or the Common Style type. Do Not Inherit is the default option. When you select this option, you can still override individual formatting properties. When you save the style, only those overrides which differ from the referenced style are preserved. Note that if you choose to inherit border properties, the other options on the Border panel are unavailable and individual options cannot be overridden.

Sets border properties for all or individual edges.
Edit Together
Applies the same border to all edges.

Edit Individually
Applies a border to each edge separately. This option does not apply to three-dimensional borders.

Sets the style, width, and color of the borders.

Applies a style to border corners.

Omit Border Around Page Breaks
Omits the selected object’s bottom border on the first page and top border on the second page.

Sets the background fill style and color.

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