To create a custom object

To create a custom object

Designer enables you to create your own custom objects that you can save and reuse. Creating a custom object involves adding one or more objects from the Standard tab to the form design and then defining the properties of the objects to suit your requirements.

You can save the object in the Custom category of the Object Library palette, or you can create your own category in the Object Library palette and save the object there. Creating your own Object Library categories is a good way to organize the custom objects that you create and keep them separate from the predefined custom objects provided with Designer. For information about creating your own categories, see To add a category to the Object Library palette.

  1. In the Object Library palette, drag the object that you want to customize onto the form design.

  2. Define the properties of the object.

  3. In the Object Library palette, click the Custom category.

  4. Drag your object to the Custom category in the Object Library palette.

  5. In the Add Library Object dialog box, type a name and description for the custom object, and click OK.

Note: Multiple objects can be saved as a single custom object. When you drag multiple objects to the Custom tab together, a single object is created in the Custom tab.

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