Spreadsheet Paste Options dialog box

Use this dialog box to paste cells from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a form, or use the spreadsheet as the basis to create a new PDF form.

To display this dialog box, select Edit > Paste. The Spreadsheet Paste Options dialog box is displayed only when you paste the content from an Excel spreadsheet into a form.

Paste cells as a table
Creates a table object in the form with the same dimensions, number of cells, and data content as the selection in the spreadsheet. Designer also preserves some of the original formatting of the spreadsheet cells, including the text, fonts, colors, background colors, alignment, and borders. If the selected cells in the spreadsheet contain column headers, Designer maintains the column header formatting in a header row at the top of the table.

Paste cells as input fields
Creates one text field object for each column in the spreadsheet. Text field objects are positioned in the form from left to right and wrapped onto additional lines if needed. The caption and binding name of each text field object corresponds to the column header text in the spreadsheet.

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