Data Binding (Form Properties dialog box)

Use this dialog box to specify options for binding data in a form design.

To display this dialog box, select File > Form Properties and click Data Binding.

Allow binding to data not defined by the default data connection
Select this option to allow binding to data that is not defined in the default data connection (either an XML schema or Sample XML data). Data in fields bound to data nodes not defined by the data connection is saved when this option is enabled:
XML namespace
Select this option to save the undefined data in or export the undefined data to a separate namespace. The namespace is added to the data description. If you do not specify a namespace, the namespace information is inherited from the parents of the nodes that contain undefined data.

XML namespace prefix
(optional) Lets you specify a namespace prefix.
Note: Do not use the prefix dd. It is reserved for the data description namespace to use.

If you specify a namespace or a prefix that is invalid in XML, a warning appears next to the relevant text box.

Add data nodes inside the filtered data hierarchy
Specifies that the undefined data is bound relative to a single filtered root when the Data View is being filtered.

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