XForms Model (File Import Options dialog box)

Use this dialog box to set options for importing XForms Model files.

To display this dialog box, select File > Open and then select an XForms Model file to open.

Embed Schemas Inline
Embeds schema within the output XDP file if a schema is set for the XForms document.

Set Working Directory
Indicates where Designer checks for relative file path locations that may be included in the XForms document, such as data XML files or XML schema files. If you do not specify this folder, the default working directory will be the same location as the XForm that is being imported. This is not the location where log files or temporary instance data files are created.

Generate log file
Specifies where to locate a generated log file that contains conversion output messages. You can select one of these options:
  • Do Not Log: no log file is generated.

  • \TEMP\ConvertXForms.log: Generates a log file named ConvertXForms.log in the Temp folder in Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temp (Windows XP) or Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp (Windows Vista). Each file is appended with a unique number, such as ConvertXF38512.log.

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