Variables (Form Properties dialog box)

Use this dialog box to specify string variables based on the form design. The variables are saved with the current form design.

To display this dialog box, select File > Form Properties and click Variables.

Displays all the variables in the current form design.

Click this button to define a new variable. You must specify a name in the Variables list and the variable’s value in the large edit box to the right.

Each variable in a form design must have a unique name. Variable names are not case-sensitive.

The variable name should not contain any spaces. As soon as you press Enter, Designer automatically positions the cursor in the large edit box to the right.

If a variable does not have a value, Designer does not save it with the form design beyond the current session.

Click this button to delete the variable currently selected in the Variables list.

For more information, see “variables” in the Designer Scripting Reference.

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