About FormCalc

Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer 11 provides users with FormCalc, a simple yet powerful calculation language for those with little or no scripting experience.

The form developer can incorporate calculations and scripting to create a richer experience for the recipient of the form. FormCalc facilitates fast and efficient form design without requiring a knowledge of traditional scripting techniques or languages.

The built-in functions in FormCalc cover a wide range of areas including mathematics, dates and times, strings, finance, logic, and the web. These areas represent the types of data that typically occur in forms, and the functions provide quick and easy manipulation of the data in a useful way.

Using FormCalc in Designer

Within Designer, JavaScript™ is the default scripting language, with FormCalc as the alternative. Scripting takes place on the various events that accompany each form object, and you can use a mixture of JavaScript and FormCalc in interactive forms.

If you are using a server-based process, such as Adobe® LiveCycle® Forms Standard 11, to create forms for viewing in an internet browser, FormCalc scripts on certain form object events do not render onto the HTML form. This functionality is intended to prevent Internet browser errors from occurring when users work with the completed form.

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