Search for a document

You can search for documents on the Documents page by using a combination of date range criteria and the search criteria that are available in the list. These criteria include the document name, policy name, or all documents.

Some additional search options are only available to administrators:

Document ID:
Unique ID number that Rights Management assigns to the document when the policy is applied.

Document name:
Name of the document.

Publisher name:
Name of the user who attached the policy to the document. You can select the user from all domains or a specified domain.

Policy ID:
ID number of the policy that is attached to the document.

Policy name:
Name of the policy that is attached to the document.

All documents:
All documents protected by administrators and users. Using the All Documents option to search may return a long list of documents.

  1. On the Rights Management page, click Documents.

  2. In the Find list, select the required search criteria.

    You can specify the criteria as document ID, document name, publisher name, policy ID, policy name, or all documents.

    If you specify publisher name, click the Address Book icon and specify the domain where you want to search the user, and click OK to return to the Documents search page.

  3. (Optional) In the Date list, select a date range option. If you select Custom Dates, type the date in format yyyy/mm/dd in the boxes that appear or use the Date Picker to specify the date range:

    • Click the calendar to open the Date Picker.

    • Use the arrows to find a year and month.

    • Click a day of the month on the calendar.

    • Click OK to close the Date Picker.

  4. Click Find.

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