General Settings

The General Settings area contains the following settings:

Validity Period:
The time period during which the policy-protected document is accessible to authorized recipients. You can choose from these validity period options:
Document will not be valid after:
The document is accessible for the specified number of days from when the document was secured.

Document will not be valid after this date:
The document is valid from the date the policy is applied to the document until the end date that is specified.

Valid from, to:
The document is valid during the dates you specified. You can use the calendar to select a date, where applicable, by clicking the calendar icon.

Document is always valid:
The document validity period does not expire.
Note: The validity dates are based on the time zone of the Rights Management system, not on the time zone of your local computer.

Enable or disable auditing of the events that are associated with a policy-protected document. For example, Rights Management can record events such as attempts to open a document. Audited events appear in the list on the Events page. If you do not select this option, Rights Management does not record events for documents that are associated with the policy.
Note: The administrator must also enable server auditing on the Auditing and Privacy Settings configuration page for the auditing feature to work.

Extended Usage Tracking:
Enable or disable Extended Usage Tracking. Rights Management supports tracking of user events associated with various operations performed on a PDF file. The Rights Management object can be accessed using a Java Script. A button click, a multimedia file being played, or the saving of a file are some examples of events that can fired from a policy protected PDF. Using the Rights Management object, you can also retrieve user information. The tracking of events may be enabled from the Rights Management server at the global level or at a policy level.

Auto-Offline Lease Period:
The maximum number of days the recipient can use the policy-protected document offline (without an active Internet or network connection). When the lease period expires, the recipient must synchronize the document again to continue using it.

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