Performance and scalability

Watched Folder can serve 100 folders in total on one single node. The performance of Watched Folder is dependent on the performance of the LiveCycle server. For asynchronous invocation, performance is more dependent on the system load and jobs that are in the Job Manager queue.

Watched Folder performance can be improved by adding nodes to the cluster. Watched Folder jobs are distributed across the cluster nodes by virtue of the Quartz scheduler and, in the case of asynchronous requests, by the Job Manager service. All the jobs are persisted in the database.

Watched Folder depends on the Scheduler service for scheduling, unscheduling, and rescheduling the jobs. Other services, such as Event Management service, User Manager service, and Email Provider service, are available that share the Scheduler service thread pool. This can affect Watched Folder performance. The Scheduler service thread pool tuning will be needed when all the services start using it.

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