Review credential use information

The credential contains information describing its intended use that is accessible through the Reader Extensions end-user web application. You can use this information to determine the type of credential installed (either evaluation or production) and its validity dates.

  1. Open a web browser and enter this URL:

    http://localhost:[port]/ReaderExtensions (where [port] is your application server’s port number)

  2. Log in using the default user name and password:

    User name: administrator

    Password: password

    Note: You must have administrator or super user privileges to log in using the default user name and password. To allow other users to access Reader Extensions, create the user accounts in User Management and grant the users the Reader Extensions Web Application role.
  3. Select the credential alias from the Select Credential list and review the information included in the Expiration Date and Intended Use Notice.

Note: The credential’s expiration date is also available on the Settings > Trust Store Management > Local Credentials page of Administration Console, under Expiration Date.

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