Setting timeout values for use with Reader Extensions

When working on many PDF files in Reader Extensions, ensure that the following time-out values are set appropriately to prevent jobs from timing out and failing:

Document Disposal Timeout:
This value can be set in Administration Console. Click Settings > Core System Settings > Configurations and specify a value for Default Document Disposal Timeout.

User Manager LiveCycle Timeout:
This value can be set by editing the config.xml file. In Administration Console, click Settings > User Management > Configuration > Import and export configuration files, and then click Export. Open the exported config.xml file and edit the following lines:

<entry key="assertionValidityInMinutes" value="600"/>

<entry key="SessionTimeout" value="600"/>

Save and then import the config.xml file back into Administration Console.

Application Server Session Timeout:
This value can be set on the application server. For more information, see the documentation provided with your application server.

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