Adobe® LiveCycle® Workspace 10 lets you use a web browser to start and participate in business processes.

Note: To run Workspace, you must have Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 or later installed. For information about downloading and installing Flash player, go to the Adobe Flash Player web page.

About this Help

This Help includes conceptual and procedural information, including the following topics about using Workspace:

  • Getting started, managing preferences, and viewing messages

  • Starting and viewing information about business processes

  • Working with your To Do list, deadlines, and reminders

  • Tracking and searching for business processes

Who should read this Help?

This Help is intended for users who want to start, participate in, or track business processes. Users of this Help should understand business process concepts.

Additional information

The resources in this table can help you learn more about Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 3 (ES3).

For information about


LiveCycle in general

LiveCycle Overview

Other services and products that integrate with LiveCycle


Patch updates and technical notes about this product version

Adobe Enterprise Support

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