Integrating with REST/HTTP-based Web Services

  1. In Workbench, create a new Data Model based on HTTP service (File > New > Data Model > Provide a name on the New Data Model panel > Select HTTP on the Select Service Type panel).

  2. In the Properties view, select the Generate LC Component option in the LiveCycle tab and save the data model.

  3. Provide the return type for each operation in the Edit Signature dialog (select the operation in the Data Model window and click the Edit Signature button in the Properties view) and save the Data Model.

  4. In the Applications view, open the process where you wish to invoke the Web Service.

  5. Select the Activity Picker and drag it on to a desired swimlane in your process map.

  6. Define the activity with one of the new service operations generated for your data model.

  7. Provide Input and Output parameters in the Process Properties view for the activity.

  8. Connect the new activity with other activities within the process.

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