Creating Scripts for HTML Forms and (deprecated) Guides

When you add scripts to a form you create in Designer, you must decide where those scripts will execute: either on the client application, on the server, or on both the client and the server. If you choose to execute your scripts on the server in any way, your form must be deployed in conjunction with Adobe LiveCycle ES3 Forms 10 so that the form and its data can return to the server when the script executes. After the script executes, the form is re-rendered and posted back to the end user. Executing scripts on the server provides you with access to the full XML Form Object Model objects, scripting properties, and scripting methods.

If you choose to run your scripts on the client application, there are restrictions to the scope of the XML Form Object Model you can access, and even what scripting language you can use. This section discusses the considerations you need to keep in mind when creating scripts for HTML forms or Guides.

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