Creating a Java web application that invokes a human-centric long-lived process

You can create a web-based application that uses a Java servlet to invoke the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process. To invoke this process from a Java servlet, use the Invocation API within the Java servlet. (See Invoking LiveCycle using the Java API.)

The following illustration shows a web-based client application that posts name, phone (or email), and amount values. These values are sent to the Java servlet when the user clicks the Submit Application button.

The Java servlet performs the following tasks:

  • Retrieves the values posted from the HTML page to the Java servlet.

  • Dynamically creates an XML data source to pass to the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process. The name, phone (or email), and amount values are specified in the XML data source.

  • Invokes the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process by using the LiveCycle Invocation API.

  • Returns the invocation identifier value to the client web browser.

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