Creating or modifying an additional dialog XML file for a native application

If you create a script for a native application that was not previously supported, you must also create an additional dialog XML file for that application. Every native application that AppMon uses must have only one additional dialog XML file. The additional dialog XML file is required even if no unsolicited dialog boxes are expected. The additional dialog box must have at least one window element, even if that window element is merely a placeholder.

Note: In this context, the term additional means the contents of the appmon.[applicationname].addition.[locale].xml file. Such a file specifies overrides and additions to the dialog XML file.

You can also modify the additional dialog XML file for a native application for these purposes:

  • To override the dialog XML file for an application with a different response

  • To add a response to a dialog box that is not addressed in the dialog XML file for that application

The file name that identifies an additional dialogXML file is appmon.[appname].addition.[locale].xml. An example is appmon.excel.addition.en_US.xml.

The name of the additional dialog XML file must use the format appmon.[applicationname].addition.[locale].xml, where applicationname must exactly match the application name used in the XML configuration file and in the script.

Note: None of the generic applications specified in the native2pdfconfig.xml configuration file have a primary dialog XML file. The section Adding or modifying support for a native file formatdescribes such specifications.

You must order windowList elements that appear as children in a window element. (See Ordering the window and windowList elements.)

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