3.1 Installing and running Workbench

This procedure explains how to install Workbench. This procedure installs Designer, LiveCycle samples, and the Workbench Eclipse feature.

3.1.1 To install and run Workbench:

  1. Do one of these tasks:

    • Navigate to the \workbench directory on the install media and double click the run_windows_installer.bat file.

    • Download and decompress the Workbench to your file system. After it is downloaded, navigate to the \workbench directory and double click the run_windows_installer.bat file.

    Important: The Workbench installer only runs from a DVD or local drive. It cannot be run from a remote site.
  2. On the Introduction screen, click Next.

  3. Read the Product License Agreement, select I accept the terms of the License Agreement, and then click Next.

  4. (Optional) Select Install Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES3 if you require this tool to create and modify forms.
    Note: You can continue to use Designer installed with Acrobat 10 by leaving this option deselected.
  5. Accept the default directory as listed, or click Choose and navigate to the directory where you will install Workbench, and then click Next.

    Note: The installation directory path should not contain # (pound) and $ (dollar) characters.
  6. Review the preinstallation summary and click Install. The installation program displays the progress of the installation.

  7. Review the installation summary. Select Start Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES3 to launch Workbench and click Next.

  8. Review the Release Notes and click Done.

  9. The following items are now installed on your computer:

    • Workbench: To run Workbench from the Start menu, select All Programs > Adobe LiveCycle ES3 > Workbench ES3, if you chose to store the shortcut folder there. For information , see Using Workbench.

    • Designer: You can access Designer from inside Workbench. For information, see Getting Started topic in Designer Help.

    • Workbench plug-in: Follow the instructions in 3.3 Installing the Workbench Eclipse feature.

    • LiveCycle SDK and SDK samples: You can access the LiveCycle SDK. For more information on using the SDK see Programming with LiveCycle.

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