Expression Manager building block basics

The Expression Manager building block provides the ability to evaluate expressions on the server side and the client side. Client-side expression evaluation is achieved using the Expression Manager client library that interprets the expression at runtime without a server roundtrip.

By default, Expression Manager uses standard Expression Language (EL) syntax and libraries, but it also provides the ability to connect to any other rule base.

Building block structure

The Expression Manager building block is delivered as a CRX package which you can unzip to any installation directory. All of the Correspondence Management CRX packages fit into one one the following categories:

  • Platform packages: Packages that contribute to the complete Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 3 (ES3) platform.

  • Building block packages: Packages that contribute to the full range of Building Blocks that Partners use to help build custom solutions.

  • Solution template packages: Packages for demonstration components of a target solution. This package relies on building blocks already deployed on LiveCycle.

  • Solution single install packages: Includes a Solution Template and a set of building blocks all merged into one CRX package.

The Expression Manager building block contains two packages:

  • bb-expressionmanager-pkg-<version_number>.zip: Assets used to deploy and run the Expression Manager building block.

  • bb-expressionmanager-sdk-pkg-<version_number>.zip: ActionScript® and Java™ Developer SDK for the Expression Manager building block.

Each Solution Template for LiveCycle provides one CRX package. This package contains a Sling Web Application uses to demonstrate the Solution as well as all other assets run an example solution. Applications can be AIR applications, Forms, and LiveCycle assets such as custom DSCs and sample processes. The package for the Correspondence Management Solution Template is


The following CRX components are delivered with the Expression Manager building block:

Component location



The domain library for the authoring part of the Expression Manager building block. It contains various domain classes encapsulating business data and behavior, and can be leveraged to build Flex® views atop with less effort.


The swc contains interfaces corresponding to the domain classes inside adobe-exm-authoring-domain-impl.swc .


The presentation SWC for the authoring part of the EXM building block. This SWC contains the host Component and the Flex views that encompass Expression Builder etc in the EXM building block.


The resource bundles SWC for the authoring part of the Expression Manager building block. This SWC file contains bundles for all supported locales.


The styles and skins SWC for authoring the Expression Manager Building Block. This SWC file contains the skins, the style sheets and various assets (such as animations, icons, skins) for host Components available in adobe-exm-authoring-presentation.swc.


The runtime swc library contains function mapper, variable resolver and other classes used for client side evaluation of expression at runtime.


The swc contains interfaces corresponding to the run time classes inside adobe-exm-runtime-impl.swc


The swc contains infrastructure classes like ServiceProvider and FunctionService which serves as the entry point into the Expression Manager infrastructure services and query the server for listing function-families and functions respectively.


The SWC library that contains mock representations for all the infrastructure services of the EXM building block. This SWC can optionally be used for developing Flex views without actually running a server in the backend.


The swc library contains interfaces corresponding to classes inside adobe-exm-services-impl.swc and classes for value object of EXM i.e. Expression, Variable, Function etc.


The client jar for server side expression evaluation service.

SDK/riaservices/exm/ (deprecated)

This SWC provides APIs for loading SWF files that contain compiled expressions and APIs for evaluating these compiled expressions. This SWC is deprecated and a new runtime SWC library (adobe-exm-runtime-impl.swc) should be used in its place.

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