Working with the Event Model

The event model stores object event properties. These properties are useful if you want to access values that are otherwise out of the scope of the events listed in the Show list within the Script Editor.

The event model controls the changes in a form that occur before, during, and after actions take place. These actions include dynamic form events, such as the point when the data and form design are merged but before pagination is applied, and also interactive form events, such as when a user updates the value of a field.

Event model properties and methods

Using the event object properties and methods, you can retrieve information and execute actions that otherwise are not accessible through calculations and scripts. For example, you can retrieve the full value of a field that otherwise would have part of the data stripped out because it is too long or otherwise invalid. Retrieving the full value of a field is useful in situations where you have to do extensive error checking.

For more information about the event scripting model properties and methods, see the LiveCycle Developer Center.

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