Referencing the current object

If you want to change properties or values of the current object using calculations or scripts attached to the object itself, both FormCalc and JavaScript use unique shortcuts to reduce the size of the reference syntax. FormCalc uses the number sign ($) character to denote the current object, and JavaScript uses the keyword this.

For example, the following reference syntax returns the value of the current object:

    $ // FormCalc 
    this.rawValue // JavaScript

Similarly, you can use the dollar sign ($) shortcut and the keyword this to replace the name of the current object when accessing object properties in calculations and scripts. For example, the following reference syntax changes the tool tip text associated with the current object:

    $.assist.toolTip.value = "This is some tool tip text."     // FormCalc 
    this.assist.toolTip.value = "This is some tool tip text."; // JavaScript

// Ethnio survey code removed