About This Document

Welcome to Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer 10 Scripting Basics. Scripting Basics provides you with an overview of how you can use Designer calculations and scripts to develop and extend forms created in Designer.

You can use calculations and scripts to perform these types of actions:

  • Change the behavior and appearance of objects at run time

  • Control the presentation of field values

  • Provide interaction with form fillers using dialog boxes and visual cues

  • Automate form filling

  • Control the hosting environment

  • Interact with web services

  • Interacting with databases and populate forms with data from data sources

Purpose and scope

Scripting Basics is intended for form authors and form developers interested in using calculations and scripts to extend their Designer forms. It is assumed that you have a working knowledge of scripting languages, especially JavaScript™, as well as object models. You should also be familiar with Adobe® Acrobat® Professional or Acrobat Standard and be comfortable working in a structured XML environment.

Scripting Basics provides the following information:

  • An introduction to using Designer calculations and scripts to extend your forms

  • Easily understood, detailed information and examples of the Designer calculation and scripting features

  • References to other resources where you can learn more about Designer scripting and related technologies

    After reading this guide, you should be equipped to start using Designer calculations and scripts. During the development process, you will find that the descriptions and examples in this guide will provide you with enough direction and background to enable you to successfully complete your projects.

Additional information

Adobe has a wide variety of resources dedicated to Designer scripting focused at both the form author and the form developer audiences.

Designer Help

Contains detailed information about using the product, including information on using calculations and scripts, and should be the first place you search for information on any topics related to Designer. You can access Designer Help from the Help menu , or online at Designer Help.

Scripting Basics

Provides an overview of creating calculations and scripts for use with Designer. This guide is intended to help you create calculations and scripts using FormCalc and JavaScript.

Scripting Reference

The Scripting Reference is a detailed reference of the models, objects, properties, and methods that you can use with Designer. This PDF is intended as reference material only; it is not intended to give users information on how to create calculations or scripts.

See Scripting Reference.

User Forums

The Designer Forum is a meeting place for professionals who are interested in discussing issues related to Designer. Respond to reader questions, report bugs or issues with the product, or post questions of your own to other form designers and Adobe experts. For information, see www.adobeforums.com.

Scripting samples

The scripting samples are working forms or packages that include instructions on how the sample was created and any sample data used to create and view the form. New samples are added on an ongoing basis by both Adobe experts and third-party organizations. See the LiveCycle Developer Center.

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