To define custom data-binding properties for a subform

Using the Binding options, you can build a form that captures data for enterprise infrastructures or use an external data source to populate a form at run time. Set data-binding properties in the Binding tab of the Object palette.

Subforms themselves do not capture or display data, but the objects in a subform can. The binding settings of a subform have a direct influence on how nested objects are mapped to data.

A subform can be bound to a data group, and the subform’s objects can be bound to data values within that data group. By default, the bindings of the objects in a subform are relative to the subform’s binding.

  1. Select the subform.

  2. Enable the form to connect to the data source when the form is opened.

  3. Bind the subform and its objects to their corresponding data nodes. For information about how to bind objects to a data source, see Binding fields to a data source.

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