Prepare for translation

To prepare a form design for translation, generate XLIFF identifiers for the translatable text. In Designer, the identifiers are generated when you select the Create Translation identifiers When Saving option. When selected, the option generates a unique XLIFF ID for each text string the first time you save the form design. The XLIFF identifiers are visible in the XML source when you save a form design in the Adobe XML Form (.xdp) format.

When you modify and save the form design, Designer compares the identifier, and string combinations to determine whether any changes were made since the last time the form design was saved. Changes can include changed text, field deletion, or field insertion. If the text changed since it last saved, Designer updates the text when you copy an object that already has an identifier so that a duplicate identifier is not created.

Designer includes two examples of Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) files. The extractstrings.xslt file extracts the XLIFF IDs and the mergestrings.xslt file creates a new version of the form design in the new language. The examples are installed with Designer in the installation directory under \...\FormTranslation.

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