Addressing warning messages in the Report palette

The Report palette displays different warning and error messages relating to aspects of the form design. When a warning message is generated, these details appear in the Warnings tab in the Report palette:

  • The affected object

  • A description of the warning

  • The type of warning

  • The target version that supports the object (if applicable)

  • The warning code number

The messages in the Warnings tab are automatically updated as you work in the form design. The messages disappear as you fix the errors.

Designer generates these types of warning messages:

Target warning messages appear when you try to use a feature that is not supported in the Acrobat and Adobe Reader target version. For information on addressing target warning messages, see Target version warning messages.

Marker warning messages appear when a problem occurs with an object. These messages are associated with warning symbols, such as a yellow triangle or white “X” within a red circle. For information on addressing marker warning messages, see Action warning messages.

Scripting error messages occur when issues occur with scripts in the form design. When you click Tools > Check Script Syntax, scripting error messages appear in the Warning tab in the Report palette. For more information about scripting error messages, see Scripting error messages.

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