Copying spreadsheet data from Microsoft Excel

You can copy spreadsheet data from Microsoft Excel 2002 or later and paste the cells into a form in Designer. Copying and pasting data from an earlier version of Excel may produce unexpected results.

Designer creates a table object in the form with the same dimensions, number of cells, and data content as the selection in the spreadsheet. Designer also preserves some of the original formatting of the spreadsheet cells, including the text, fonts, colors, background colors, alignment, and borders. If the selected cells in the spreadsheet contain column headers, Designer maintains the column header formatting in a header row at the top of the table.

Keep in mind that Designer does not maintain any calculations, scripts, images, and embedded objects, such as graphs that are in the Excel spreadsheet.

  1. In Excel, copy the spreadsheet cells you want, and keep Excel open.

  2. In Designer, select Edit > Paste.

  3. Select Paste Cells As a Table and click OK.

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