List box properties in the Binding tab

When you create a list box, the Binding tab presents data binding options that you can apply to the list. Options that are not specifically related to creating a data connection apply both to a data source and to data saved to a file when the object is not bound to a data source.


Sets the name of the list. See To name and rename objects.

Data Binding

Sets the default data-binding method:

Use name
Enables data merging and saving options. Data values are merged and stored implicitly according to Adobe data-merging rules.

Use global data
Associates a single data value with all objects that have the same name (see To define a global field).

New Data Connection
Starts the New Data Connection wizard. To define a connection using the wizard, see Create a data connection to an XML schema or Create a data connection to an OLE database.

No data binding
Disables data binding. Because the object will not capture or display merged data, any information associated with the object is not written as output when the form data is saved/submitted.

Specify Item Values

Lets you specify custom data values for each list item. If this option is not selected, the data values will match the text for the list items. If this option is selected, the default values will be sequential integers, starting at "1" for the first list item. See To specify list item values for a drop-down list or list box.

Note: Specify Item Values is a dynamic property. Dynamic properties are identified by active labels that have a green underline that you can click to dynamically bind the property to a data source. To turn active labels on and off, use the Show Dynamic Properties command from the Object palette menu.

Up, Down, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending

 Reorders the items in the list (for example, if the data should be stored in a different order compared to the display order of options in the drop-down list). You can move list items up or down, or sort them ascending or descending using the buttons beside the label.

Import/Export Bindings

Sets an import/export binding for a WSDL data connection. See Create a data connection using a WSDL file.

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