To set up an object for Arabic and Hebrew

Objects, which are the building blocks of every form, have different appearances depending on the language the form is designed for.

For example, a drop-down list in an English form has the caption typically on the left and the drop-down arrow on the right. However, in Arabic and Hebrew, the drop-down list has the caption on the right and the drop-down arrow on the left because these are right-to-left languages.

To set up an object for Arabic and Hebrew, you must do the following steps:

  • Set the locale to Arabic or Hebrew.

  • Position the caption on the right (except for check boxes and radio buttons, which need to be positioned on the left).

  • Right-align the caption and value.

  • Set the font to one that the language supports.

Setting up an object for Arabic and Hebrew applies to the following objects:

  • Check boxes

  • Date/time fields

  • Decimal fields

  • Signature Fields

  • Drop-down lists

  • List boxes

  • Numeric fields

  • Password fields

  • Radio buttons

  • Text fields

Note: The options described in this Help topic are available only if support for the appropriate language is enabled through Microsoft Office Language Settings.
  1. Add the object.

    For example, from the Object Library palette, drag the Drop-Down List object onto the form design.

  2. In the Object palette, click the Field tab.

  3. From the Locale box, select a language and country or region option.

    For example, select Arabic (Bahrain).

  4. Select the object.

  5. In the Font palette, select the font that supports the locale you selected.

    For example, Adobe Arabic supports Arabic and Adobe Hebrew supports Hebrew. You can locate the font you need for your language on the Internet if it is not already on your system.

  6. Select the object.

  7. In the Paragraph palette, click Right Align to right-align the caption and value.

  8. In the Layout palette, select the appropriate option from the Position list for the caption.



    Check boxes


    Date/time fields


    Decimal fields


    Signature Fields


    Drop-down lists


    List boxes


    Numeric fields


    Password fields


    Radio buttons


    Text fields


View the object in the Preview PDF tab to ensure that it appears properly.

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