To add variables to a form

Use variables to insert varying text or values. A variable is a segment of text or values that Designer can automatically update or change (on demand) using scripting.

The variables element can hold any number or any kind of separate data items. Because each data item is individually named with its own name attribute, they can be individually addressed by scripts.

You can define text variables and then insert them into captions or other text. For example, you could apply variables to product terminology that may change at some point. If the variable (term) needs to change, you can open the affected form and update the variable value, and Designer will automatically update all instances of the term.

To create a variable, you must name the variable and provide the value you want Designer to use. For example, you might create a variable called ProductName that contains the current name of a product, which you can update if needed.

Variable values are saved with the form.

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