About Correspondence Management

The Correspondence Management Solution Guide provides guidelines to implement correspondence management solutions. The guide is intended for the extended project team including solution architects, business analysts, project managers, designers, subject matter experts, application specialists, and developers.

Adobe LiveCycle

Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 3 (ES3) helps companies rapidly build and deploy applications that enhance customer experiences and employee productivity by capturing, visualizing, and exchanging critical business information in more compelling ways that increase satisfaction, reduce costs, and create market differentiation.

Correspondence Management Solution

The Correspondence Management Solution centralizes and manages the creation, assembly and delivery of secure, personalized, and interactive correspondences. It enables you to quickly assemble correspondence from both pre-approved and custom-authored content in a streamlined process from creation to archival. As a result, your customers get the right communication at the right time in the right way: timely, accurate, convenient, secure, and relevant. Your business maximizes the value of customer interactions and minimizes cost and risk with a process that is streamlined for ease, speed, and productivity.

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