1.2 Conventions used in this document

The installation and configuration documentation for LiveCycle uses the following naming conventions for common file paths.


Default value


[LiveCycle root]


C:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle ES3

Linux and Solaris:


The installation directory that is used for all LiveCycle modules. The installation directory contains subdirectories for LiveCycle Configuration Manager. This directory also includes directories related to third-party products.

[appserver root]

These installation locations are examples. Your installation location may be different.

JBoss Application Server on Windows:


JBoss Application Server on Linux:


The home directory of the application server that runs the services that are part of LiveCycle.

[dbserver root]

Depends on the database type and your specification during installation.

The location where the LiveCycle database server is installed.

Most of the information about directory locations in this guide is cross-platform (all file names and paths are case-sensitive on non-Windows operating systems). Any platform-specific information is indicated as required.

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