Creating a watched folder

You can create a watched folder in the following two ways:

  • When configuring the settings for a watched folder endpoint, type the full path to the parent directory in the Path box and append the name of the watched folder to be created, as shown in this example:


    Because the MyWatchedFolder folder does not already exist, LiveCycle attempts to create it at that location.

  • Create a folder on the file system prior to configuring a watched folder endpoint, and then type the full path in the Path box.

In a clustered environment, the folder that will be used as a watched folder must be accessible, writable, and shared on the file system or network. In this scenario, each application server instance of the cluster must have access to the same shared folder.

In Windows, if the application server is running as a service, it must be started with appropriate access to the shared folder in one of the following ways:

  • Configure the application server service Log On Asparameter to start asa specific user with appropriate access to the shared watched folder.

  • Configure the application server service Start as Local System option to Allow Service to Interact with the desktop. This option requires that the shared watched folder is accessible and writable to everyone.