Learn how Adobe FrameMaker can help you prepare your content for translation.

FrameMaker supports converting FrameMaker documents, books, DITA content, and any other XML content into the XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF). XLIFF is an open XML-based format that is used to standardize the data transfer between various tools used in the content translation process. XLIFF provides elements and attributes that allow for content translation and stores the translated content in a Translation Memory (TM).

FrameMaker creates XLIFF files compliant to the XLIFF 1.2 standards that can be processed in any translation tool that supports XLIFF 1.2. Also, you can share the XLIFF files for Machine Translation (MT) or Human Translation (HT), reviews, QA checks between any of such tools. This makes both the content owner as well as the translator independent from the tools used in the translation process.