Add or delete empty pages

Understand how to add or delete empty pages in Adobe FrameMaker and specify even or odd number of pages.

You can specify that you want a document to have an even or odd number of pages. If necessary, FrameMaker adds a blank page at the end of the document to achieve the correct pagination.

Conversely, a document may contain unwanted blank pages at the end, left there because you deleted or reworked text. You can tell FrameMaker to delete these empty pages whenever you save or print the document.

FrameMaker deletes a blank page only if it uses the left or right master page, doesn’t contain the start of a flow, and has no layout overrides. FrameMaker doesn’t delete a page if it contains an empty paragraph but is otherwise blank.

If you use the document window to change the pagination of a document that is part of a book, the settings may be overridden when you update the book. You can make sure that the book pagination is correct by changing a document’s setup from the book window.

  1. Make the appropriate document window or book window active. If a book window is active, select the documents you want to affect.

  2. Choose Format > Page Layout > Pagination.

  3. From the Before Saving & Printing drop-down list, choose an option and click Set.

If blank pages are not added or deleted as expected, make sure that all pages in the document are auto connected.