Using paths when importing by reference

When you import by reference with File > Import > File, the path to the text or graphic can be either absolute or relative. A relative path begins at a current folder or one folder up the hierarchy and spec­ifies the file’s location from there. An absolute path begins at the root of the file system (the topmost folder) and fully specifies the file’s location from there. Following are two examples of absolute paths.



FrameMaker stores relative paths whenever possible so that it can find an imported file even when you move both the document and the source file—as long as you keep the files in the same relative locations. If you save the document in a different folder, FrameMaker adjusts the paths of the imported files accordingly. However, if the path to the imported file traverses the root (the topmost folder) of the file system, FrameMaker uses absolute paths that begins at the root.

To ensure that FrameMaker uses relative paths, make sure that it does not have to traverse the root to locate the file.

September 30, 2016

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