Using Save As to export to other formats

You can export a FrameMaker document to other applications by saving it in other formats. When you save a document in a word-processing format, it can be used in that application with most of its formatting intact. The available formats depend on the platform you’re using and the filters installed.

Two text-based file formats—Rich Text Format (RTF) and Maker Interchange Format (MIF)—are interchange formats. These formats are widely recognized by other programs and can often serve as a bridge from FrameMaker to an application that does not recognize the native format.

Saving MIF files

You can save FrameMaker files in the MIF 7.0 (MIF-Classic) or MIF 2015 (MIF-Unicode) formats. When you choose to save a FrameMaker document as a MIF file, you can select the MIF 7.0 or MIF 2015 option.


Choosing this format generates a MIF that is like the original format, which is forward-compatible. All Unicode content that can’t be represented in the earlier format is replaced with a character that you can configure using the configuration file, maker.ini.

note:    Use caution when editing an ini file.


Choosing this format generates a MIF that contains Unicode strings. All string data is in UTF-8 format.

You can also save a document as an HTML, XML, or PDF file.

September 30, 2016

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